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The Alabama Baptist Historical Commission will provide and/or present a framed certificate of recognition for churches, associations and entities celebrating anniversaries of twenty-five year increments.

Anniversary Ideas

The following list contains some suggestions from previous church anniversary celebrations.

  • Contact the Alabama Baptist Historical Commission for a certificate of recognition.
  • Establish a church history committee, if your church does not have one.
  • Locate documentation to support your founding date.
  • Have your church records and church history microfilmed at the Samford University Library free of charge, paid for by the Alabama Baptist Historical Commission.
  • Decide on the length of the celebration (one Sunday, one week, each
    Sunday during the month, etc.).
  • Write a history of your church, if one has not been written, or bring the
    existing history up to date.
  • Present a drama based on the history of your church.
  • Have your members dress in representative clothing from different eras of your church history.
  • Write a children's storybook or coloring book based on your church history.
  • Create a newspaper with articles highlighting church history, members, anecdotes, current events, etc.
  • Compile photographs from members' scrapbooks. Identify and date the photos. Display photos of earlier church buildings and other church memorabilia.
  • Make a video or slideshow of old photos with narration from older church members.
  • Establish a church library. Donate books in memory / honor of church
  • Organize a family day. Include a picnic, relays, old-fashioned games, face painting, dunking booth, moonwalk, horse and buggy rides, special singing groups, etc.
  • Create an anniversary T-shirt for church members.
  • Make an anniversary quilt. Let each square represent an event in your
    church history. Display the quilt inside the church.
  • Produce anniversary plates, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, parlor
    fans, coffee mugs, pens, or other momentoes with the anniversary dates and other church information.
  • Compose an anniversary cookbook of old recipes and remedies.
  • Video the celebration and send a copy to the Alabama Baptist Historical Commission.
  • Recognize members who were married in your church. Allow these
    couples to renew their wedding vows as a group. Ask couples to donate a photo of their wedding. Compile a record of marriages celebrated in the church.
  • Recognize founding members and their descendants.
  • Organize a special anniversary dinner or reception. Invite special visitors, former pastors, associational leaders, or Convention leaders.
  • Submit information to The Alabama Baptist.
  • Begin a cemetery preservation project.
  • Present a special anniversary gift such as a Lord's Supper table, organ, stained glass window, playground, anniversary tree, or garden.
  • Create a time capsule with anniversary memorabilia and your church's
    history to be opened in several decades.

Anniversary Workshops

The Alabama Baptist Historical Commission will provide anniversary planning workshops for Alabama Baptist churches, associations and entities.  Call 1-800-325-9863 / 1-205-726-2363 or e-mail or